Product Warranty

ROYAL PREMIUM FLOOR 15 years limited warranty

ROYAL warranty cover from the date that original purchased till limited warraty period that :

  • - The material will not wear out through the decorative surface (scratches or loss of gloss is not considered)
  • - The material will not extremely fade.
  • - The material will be free of manufacturing defects.

Pre-install warranty

It is the duty of the installer, whether professional or DIY (do it yourself), to inspect all flooring before installation. If during inspection the installer or buyer feels the floors is the wrong color, improperly manufactured, is off-grade or is the wrong gloss level, he/she should NOT install the flooring. Please immediately contact the retailer from which the flooring was purchased. No claims will the accepted for flooring which is visibly wrong if such flooring is installed. Installed flooring is deemed to be visibly acceptable.

Workmanship warranty

ROYAL will not warranty the defect occurred by the error of workmanship. The responsible will be defined as the contractor who installed the floor.

Claim procedure

The original residential purchaser should notify their authorized ROYAL dealer from which the original purchase was made of any defect no later than 30 days after discovering the defect but within the same time period of this limited warranty. The original residential purchaser must present to that Authorized ROYAL dealer the following items for a limited warranty claim to be considered:

  • - A valid proof of purchase in the form of sales receipt which establishes proof of purchase;
  • - A detailed description of the problem and/or a photograph/sample that clearly shows the warranty problem.

Remedy procedure

If the product fails to perform under the conditions of the applicable limited warranty within the warranty period, ROYAL will repair the defective area or supply new material of the same color, design and grade, if available;, if unavailable or discontinued, ROYAL reserves the right to select and supply similar materials. After corrective action is taken on an existing defect, you will continue to receive warranty coverage for the remaining period of your original warranty unless indicated otherwise.

ROYAL reserves the right to have a representative inspect the floor and remove samples for additional evaluation if needed. ROYAL may repair, refinish or replace any defective product at its sole discretion. . No installer, retailer, agent or employee of ROYAL has the authority to increase or alter the obligations or limitations of this warranty.

Material and labor cost responsibility during warranty period

Within the one year since the indicated date in warranty, ROYAL will responsible for material and labor cost. After year one but within year two, ROYAL will responsible for the material and 50% of reasonable labor cost. After Year two but within warranty period, ROYAL will be responsible for material only, and will not pay the labor cost.

Limitation and exclusions

  • - Difference in color between products and samples or photographs.
  • - Inappropriate end-user activities.
  • - Installation in outdoor area’s, sun rooms, solariums, porches, garages or other area’s subject to excessive moisture or extremes of temperature.
  • - Installation in area’s where temperature falls below -25c or goes above +45c.(click clollection)
  • - Accidents, abuse or misuse;
  • - Scratching, impact or cutting.
  • - Improper maintenance.
  • - Problems due to improper installation, non-recommended subflooring or improper subfloor preparation, improper floor care and installation products, or failure to follow maintenance recommendations.
  • - Damage occurring during renovation or construction.
  • - Labor on non-professionally installed floors or material that is professionally installed with obvious visible defects.

Consequential or incidentai damages

There are no warranties beyond this expressed warranty. ROYAL excludes and will not pay incidental or consequential damages under this warranty. We have no obligation any loss, expense, or damages other than to the flooring itself that may result from a defect in the flooring. No implied warranties extend beyond the term of this written warranty. ROYAL assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Warranty owner

The warranty will be granted only to the end-user who defines in the warranty document. The warranty is not transfer- able.