Company Profile

The edge of Victoria era in 19th-century was the Supreme period of Industrial revolution in England.

Art and Design consequently prosperous in those periods. Remarkable combination between Romance classic styles with Contemporary modern art was the key inspiration for ROYAL Premium Vinyl Floor.

TRUE CONNECTION Company Limited, we are material supplier company in Interior Design Industry. With more than 20 years experiences in Design industry. We can ensure to you that we will be your best adviser, consultant and problem solver in order to meet the customer requirement and satisfaction.

Flooring material is an Art on Floor which can reflect to people lifestyle. Nowadays flooring is not just the finishing material but it also refers to expression of feeling and emotional as well. People always influenced by both physical and emotional elements.

There are lots of different perspective of flooring according to their usage and lifestyle, which result on many different types of flooring.

ROYAL Premium Vinyl Floor is flooring consult and supply company. With high standard of product and variety in area of expertise.We are prompt to help you to express your passion (desire) of flooring to become more truthful and more reliable.