Product Adventage

Environmentally, Eco - Friendly Vinyl

100 % Raw materials with no Formaldehyde and other toxic chemical for production process. Eco-Friendly for people and surrounding environment.

Protectionist PU Protection

Each floor tile is protected with a Protectionist PU: Extra Polyurethane layer which protects the floor against scratches and dirt, offering maximum protection with minimum maintenance.

Slip resistance

Vinyl flooring has undergone considerable tests in critical conditions using both the pendulum and ramp method of slip-resistant testing and has consistently proved to be a safe solution with a strong slip rating of R10.

Moisture - proof

An easy clean, moisture-proof wear layer makes Vinyl Floor flooring suitable for any room, even bathrooms and kitchens.

Sound - proof

Unlike traditional wood or laminate flooring, Vinyl Floor absorbs sound thanks to a sound-proof base, giving better acoustics in your home.

Easy to install

With Super Click technology you can quickly and simply install your luxury vinyl flooring with minimal fuss.

Heat insulation

Excellent heat insulation means that Vinyl flooring feels warm to the touch, perfect alongside under floor heating and for getting out of bed on those cold mornings.

Hygienic & easy to clean

No expensive cleaning agents are required to keep your floor at its best; just a simple broom, mop and vacuum cleaner. Vinyl floor will not harbor dust mites and other allergens.